Find Free Golf Swing Videosfind Free Golf Swing Videos

Find Free Golf Swing Videosfind Free Golf Swing Videos

How would you like to save money and improve your golf swing with free golf swing videos? If you search on line you will find a lot of resources but you will probably have to pay for them. It used to be easier several years ago because the internet was designed to share free information – until the advent of internet marketing. So where can you find quality free information on line? Read on and I will reveal all.

As part of my effort to find you free golf tips, I have come up with a resource where you can find online golf videos for free. Although these videos are from You Tube, there is more filtering so that you will find more appropriate videos. For example, the first page you will see at the golf swing videos page only has about 25 videos, but they are the most relevant.

On check here the homepage of the golf swing category you will find some interesting golf swing videos. Of course, Tiger Woods predominates as everyone, it seams, wants to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods. For golfers that would rather learn the golf swing from other golfers, you will find some great videos from Bobby Eldridge – Head Professional for PurePoint Golf – showing you his secret tips for a better, more consistent golf swing.

A video of Tiger’s swing called “Tiger Woods Golf Swing Critiqued” is interpreted by the Live @ Guys from the 2008 Buick Invitational. In this slow motion video, Tiger is on a par-3 using a short iron which gives another perspective of his swing. It is a good example of short iron play which many golfers could learn from – unlike the videos of Tiger using a driver, which I don’t think many golfers should even attempt to copy!

One of the classic videos of Tiger’s golf swing is critiqued in this video; “Tiger Woods & Bob Toski – analysis of Tiger’s golf swing.” This seven minute video shows several versions and angles of his swing with a driver. There is great narrative all the way through that really explains what is going on with the different parts of his golf swing. The slow motion parts are particularly revealing as they are frames are paused to let you see the check here position of his club and different parts of his body throughout the swing.

The free golf swing videos on the homepage just scratch the surface; you can use the search box to find thousands of online golf videos. Maybe you like the old timers like Ben Hogan; well, you will find some absolutely classic videos of Hogan. From old black & white films to newer color videos, you will be able to see the Hogan golf swing in all the details that you can imagine.

If you need help in specific areas of your golf swing, you can search for how to grip the club, the setup position, the backswing, or any other aspect of the swing that you want to perfect. Maybe you want to watch a video from a famous golf instructor; just search for David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, or Bobby Eldridge and you will find dozens of free golf videos from these instructors and others.

So, before going out to spend check here a fortune on golf lessons, why not browse the free golf swing videos. It is a great resource for any golfer who wants to find free golf tips and videos. You can learn a lot from these videos or you could search for great golfing moments from history for a bit of entertainment. Check out the link below to find out where you can see these online golf videos.