Why You Need “the Seduction Genie” To Seduce The Man Of Your Dreams!

Why You Need “the Seduction Genie” To Seduce The Man Of Your Dreams!

Tired of not believing in yourself when you go out to meet men?

Want to feel, act, and LOOK sexy?

Want to know how to turn on the man of your dreams, whether you’re just meeting him or struggling to keep the intimacy?

Want to get the confidence, self-assuredness, and poise that women who believe in their inner sexiness always have?

Then share this website The Seduction Genie might just be right for you.


Let’s start with what makes the Seduction Genie course work.

First, I like how the e-book and companion bonuses (5 in total) really emphasize getting your foundation right. Instead of just throwing out random seduction techniques right away, The Genie first teaches you how to FEEL sexy about yourself. She teaches us that ANY woman can be sexy, if she 1)believes in herself, and 2)is willing to learn to do the things that men find sexy. Sounded good to me.

Next, Ms. Genie reviews a range of helpful topics, from some saucy flirting techniques, to practical body language and conversation methods. She teaches that you don’t have to be a complete, well, slut to be seductive. You just have to do it with attitude and charm. Seductive women are just women who are confident in themselves, and Amy teaches us that all women can find their “inner confidence.” It’s not that hard, if you’re willing to look at your strengths…and not just on your weaknesses.

Then, best of all (at least for me), the Genie teaches us ladies how to KEEP the love we find once we’ve found him. Or, as she calls it in her book, “how to keep the fires burning!” Relationships, for me, are appnana cheats the hardest part of the whole attraction game…getting a man is one thing. Making sure he doesn’t leave…well, that’s another.

Fortunately, the Genie shares some good secrets on how to keep a man, not by kissing his butt, but by BELIEVING in ourselves and actually being assertive–as well as sexy. It makes the whole sexual and romantic experience, a lot more fulfilling and enjoyable for both people.

In fact, she teaches us that many men actually want a woman who’s not a doormat. A self-assured woman is one of the most attractive, seductive women of all! I’m liking the sounds of that…

Okay, so now the bonuses. Are they worth the price of the book alone?

Well, I give a little secret about getting the best bargain below, but yes, the bonuses are quite good. First you have the “Triple 0 Guide Online Dating,” a great way to meet more guys. Then you have “Hot Relationships: A Saucy Guide to Teasing Your Man,” which goes into the finer details of sexual ecstasy that not all the readers of “Seduction Genie” itself may want to venture into.

Or, if you’ll like me, you DO want to venture into them. ­čśë

Next is “The Triple 0 Guide to Stronger Relationships,” a useful book, but nothing too fancy. It has just enough information to keep you from making mistakes you might regret, which is worth a few bucks on its own. But don’t expect too much from it.

What I REALLY liked was Bonus #4, the “How to Be Irresistible to Men” audio course. Now, it’s only 5 tracks, but they are very much a worthy bonus. One, Amy has an amazing voice–it’s clear, it’s charismatic, it’s inspiring. Secondly, the topics and information in them, even if there are only five, are great for us women.

We learn, first, How to Flirt with Men. Okay, well, this is covered lots in “Seduction Genie” itself, but if you want more more information tips and tactics, you’ll get new ones here.

Second, and always relevant, How to KEEP Him Interested in You. Never hurts to have additional information about this, and you get the information from Amy’s “other” half, the more sensitive, please-a-man variety. If that sounds like you, then this is what works.

Then there’s the stuff we women either do all wrong, or don’t do at all: The Worst Mistakes Women Make with Men, Confidence and Attracting Men, and my personal favorite, the Top 20 Rules for Attracting Men. All of which are really good. Some common-sense, but many make you say aloud, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Great information for us gals, especially those who think we have to be hot and artificial to attract men. We don’t.

There is a fifth bonus, which is supposedly a secret, but I can tell you it’s an audio course, and it’s aimed towards self-awareness and transformation. Really interesting, and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy listening to it on the way to work, at the gym, or just lazing around the lounge listening to your I-Pod. Download it to your computer, or listen to it online. It’s helpful stuff, and yes, it lives up to the hype (unlike most “secret bonuses”).


The only weakness I’ve found with Seduction Genie is that it’s a bit short. While you get nearly 200 pages of total information if you include the 3 e-books, the “Seduction Genie” guide itself is only about 80 pages.

That said, what’s in it is very well written and informative, so one could say it’s got quality over quantity, but…I couldn’t help but want more.

Still, overall the Seduction Genie is a fantastic product, and one that, if you’re not feeling sexy or beautiful, you really do need. Ladies, you owe it to yourself to feel the real, true, inner sexy YOU! The Seduction Genie is the way to get to those wonderful feelings of confidence and self-satisfaction.