What To Look When You Buy Your First Flowerhorn Fish?

What To Look When You Buy Your First Flowerhorn Fish?

Whenever someone raises a Flowerhorn, they all want the same thing from their fish. They want the Flowerhorn’s natural vibrant colors and a large nuchal bump, or the kok. These two distinguishing qualities are what separate the Flowerhorn from other fishes. Flowerhorns as mentioned in previous posts are pretty easy to raise and don’t require too much pampering to ensure that they are happy. One thing that isn’t easy to decide on is how to pick a Flowerhorn from the fish store that will display these unique markings to maximize the luck and feng shui that it will bring.

When deciding which specific fish to buy, there are several factors to consider. One is the age of the fish you want to buy. If you wish to buy an adult Flowerhorn then you can be absolutely certain of the quality of the fish you’re getting as the fish would be fully developed already. The colors and nuchal bump you see will be what you’re getting. There will be no surprises with your purchase but this option will always cost more than buying a baby Flowerhorn.

Buying a baby Flowerhorn is a less expensive option than buying an adult Flowerhorn but this comes with some drawbacks as well. While buying an adult Flowerhorn allows you to know the quality of the fish you’re getting, there is no such guarantee with buying a baby Flowerhorn. It is impossible to tell share more content what color markings or the gender of the fish, therefore you won’t be able to pixel gun 3d cheats hack tool tell if the fish would even have a nuchal bump.

Given the two options available, it game of war fire age cheats tool really depends on what the purpose of buying the fish is for you. If you’re buying a Flowerhorn to increase the feng shui of your home and to bring more fortune to your life then buying an adult Flowerhorn is a more sure bet. However if you are simply trying to raise a fish for fun then buying a baby Flowerhorn would suit your needs better. Personally I feel as if buying baby Flowerhorns are a better investment; baby Fowerhorns require a much less costly investment up front and the process of watching them grow is the most fulfilling for any fish enthusiast. However deciding what fish to buy ultimately depends on what you intend for the Flowerhorn.

No matter which option you choose, the most important factor you have to look into when buying a new fish is the health of the fish. If the fish is either stressed or ill, the Flowerhorn will not bode well for you. The best way to find out if the fish is either stressed or ill is to simply look at how lively the fish is. If the fish is being fed at the time of purchase, look at how the fish are eating. If the fish has a poor appetite then there is a good chance that it is either stressed or ill since Flowerhorns in general have large appetites when healthy.

When buying a Flowerhorn it is important to consider your purpose for buying the fish as it will help determine what type of Flowerhorn you would be willing to buy. Also make sure the fish that you want to purchase from the store is happy and healthy before walking out with it. With these tips in mind it should be fairly easy to determine which Flowerhorn is for you.